Playing Dressup.

In preperation for my father’s wedding this Saturday I’ve got:

  • A haircut.
  • A shave.
  • New dress shoes.
  • A new suit.
  • A new fedora.

I think that’s everything. But I still feel like I’m missing something.

Now, I’m a slovenly man. There’s no denying that, but in a way I do enjoy getting dressed up all fancy now and then. It’s kinda impressive how I can go from looking like a homeless guy to being a halfway decent looking fellow. If only they made fancy looking suits that I could pull on like a t-shirt. And also they had short sleeves. And logos for like cartoon characters and stuff on them. And also I like to wear jeans. And more comfortable shoes, possibly with bright green laces. Also I’d have to do something about shaving and getting haircuts…

But I still partially like getting all dressed up.