Beekeeper Review: Meliou

Meliou is a beekeeping company that appeared in an episode of a show called Bulletproof. It’s a show about cops or spies or something, but that is barely important to this review beyond the fact that Meliou, the company, is owned by members of the Markides Crime Family, who are probably the villains of the show.

Based in Cyprus and founded in 1954, Meliou is a thriving business that, in addition to making honey, makes olive oil and wine and soap and who knows what else. They have hives by the dozens. Possibly hundreds of employees. In fact, it’s so successful that the members of the crime family are not the ones being reviewed here today. They ain’t Beekeepers, they just own the company. Aside from the fact that the criminals use false hives as a place to keep weapons, this is just an unconnected enterprise. I could probably argue that some of the cartel’s muscle may have day jobs here, so maybe there are combat-ready Beekeepers, but we don’t know that. Seems like normal folks.

Three Honeycombs out of Five. We’re told the company is good for the island, and I assume that by the time the show ends the cartel is no longer in charge. I usually rate “standard successful beekeepers” at Two, but this does seem to be a bigger scale than usual. This isn’t someone with a successful hive in their back yard, it’s an international company. If the individuals who do actually make up the Beekeepers here happen to be screwups, we don’t get to see that, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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