Planet Gurx: More Ocean Life

I’ll never be able to detail all the life in Gurx’s vast oceans, but here’s some more of it.

More Bwotyaxagedda

A hungry pair of Thimmagg try to capture an Ayllek, ignoring the much easier potential meal of Klisheri among a swarm nearby.


Among the apex predators in the Gurxian oceans, Thimmagg are intelligent pack hunters. When not hunting or travelling, Thimmagg packs will rest by tangling their tails together, both to help them stick together and to present themselves as a bigger target to deter larger predators.


Aylikk are an aquatic Vootuph species with a unique defence mechanism for planet Gurx: they can generate a shock that stuns or even kills creatures that are trying to attack them. It’s usually very helpful, but some smarter predators, such as Thimmagg, will take turns making the Aylikk discharge, not allowing them to recuperate. Eventually, the poor Aylikk will be unable to muster any more of its charge, and can be picked off. But usually, it works.


Though considerably smaller than the Thimmagg, Klisheri are also predators. These little swimmers prey on the smallest animals in the oceans, the Yena and the other tiny creatures that make up the bottom of the food chain down here. Klisheri are notable for their ability to tense up and then release that energy at once to fling themselves quickly right where they need to be to snatch a meal.

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