Planet Gurx: Grasslands


On a hill in the grasslands, a Boavaie takes a break while a small herd of Hethrooau lazily wander by.


An Aehubar species that lacks the ability to hear. Boavaie are highly social creatures, but don’t utilize the chirps and whistles common to their communicative cousins. The “tail” of the Boavaie contains organs for creating complex scents that they can use to mark territory and leave messages. For closeup communication, the topmost limbs have evolved for semaphore-like communication.


A large part of a Boavaie’s diet is made up of Vivaiyin, a fuzzy little Vootuph that is a useful pollinator in the grasslands. Feeding off plants that secrete their genetic material, that material sticks to the Vivaiyin’s fur, where it is carried off to mingle with other plants. That is, assuming the Vivaiyin is not eaten before it gets there. Fortunately, there’s a lot of them around.


An example of Gurxian megafauna, Hethrooau are the largest Aehubar. With their topmost limbs and their mouths having adapted to grazing, they roam the grasslands in herds. Their backs are covered in leathery shells that help to protect them from sharp-limbed Glounaph who might try to attack from above and their sheer size tends to protect them from land-based predators.

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