Planet Gurx: Gurx Pants


Begounis is a Nexvar Strondo who has devoted their life to the repair and improvement of Gurx Pants and other woven technology. While most Nexvar have to spend a lot of time in suspended animation between their uses, Begounis is kept busy, because everyone needs pants.

If one has really paid attention to the Strondos depicted in this series, they will have noticed that they all wear pants. Gurx Pants aren’t just a decorative genital-cover to Strondos as they are with humanity. Strondovarians have excelled at developing technologies that can be woven into fabrics. Their carpets and tapestries are almost always actually electronic devices. A wall hanging that looks like a simple design may actually be a light source that is activated when there is someone in the room, walking on the carpet. What seems like a curtain may be able to constrict and reshape itself into a hook when one needs a place to hang up some baskets. The possibilities are endless.

Gurx Pants were first developed in the early days of Strondo space travel, when they found that walking on planets other than Gurx wasn’t always easy or pleasant. To help solve this, Gurx Pants were designed to support the weight of the wearer as if they were moving within Gurx-normal gravity. Over time the pants were improved: they can now simulate the temperatures of pleasant climates, sync with other devices, store data, play music, and perform a host of other functions.

Understandably, Strondos have become quite dependant on these things. So, Begounis travels from various pants-manufactuing plants all over Gurx and, of course, beyond. And they are treated like a hero for helping to maintain these important garments that are technological marvels.

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