Beekeeper Review: The Far Side’s Beekeepers

The Far Side is an often-brilliant non-serialized single-panel comic by Gary Larsen, and it was definitely one of the stones upon which my joy of reading comics was built. Naturally a comic which had to find a new topic every day for so long covered did touch upon Beekeepers, though I only remember one occasion. Luckily, that strip went up onto the official Far Side page today, so now I can finally review the two Beekeepers contained therein.

There’s only so much that I can glean from this panel, but what there is seems to indicate successful Beekeepers. They have multiple hives and lots of seemingly healthy bees going about. And I think their dancing is a sign that they are good at working together. They seem to have a nice healthy relationship and I approve of it. I ship them, as the kids say.

I can also make a case that their dancing could indicate something beyond mere ordinary apiary skill. The strip’s joke grows out of the fact that bees dance as a means of communication. Is it possible then that these Beekeepers have developed a method of dancing that allows them to communicate with their bees? I see no reason to assume otherwise.

3 Honeycombs out of Five.

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