Checking in on 50 Beekeepers

I should take a moment to note that I have reviewed fifty Fictional Beekeepers for this website so far. Let’s check in on them. When I was at 25, the average ranking was a mere 2.52 out of 5. I’ve checked the numbers and our average at 50 is:

2.68 out of 5.

Well. That’s not quite the level of improvement I was hoping for. Still a lot of work ahead for my quest of apiarist boosting.

It’s worth remembering that 2 out of 5 is the range that includes what a decent real-world beekeeper would achieve, so it isn’t anything to be ashamed of. And that is also the range where I’d place superhuman beekeepers who turn to villainy.

But I know I can improve that grade. I’m on the job.

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