Thirty-Eight, more like Pretty Great?

On the 18th back there I turned 38. I’d be lying if I didn’t say 37 was my least favourite year of my thirties so far. But now it is over and I’m on a trajectory toward less sucky future. So let’s roll with that. On top of everything, Secret Government Robots is done, so I can be more productive on other things and not feel bad about neglecting that. So let’s get productive!


Thirty-Eight Years Old.
Now is the PDR year.
Let’s be PDR.

One thing I am working have just done and may do again later in the year is stories in the “creepypasta” style, but using elements from my works. For example, I just put up a story called “The Ants Are Acting Strange” which hints at an evil ant conspiracy of some kind, but which will seem a lot less weird to someone who is familiar with the Ant Cult that appeared occasionally in Secret Government Robots. I will put such stories (CreePDRstas?) here on the site, for completeness sake, but I also intend to put them out in the wild internets to confuse those who happen to encounter them. This first story I put up on Reddit.

I will try to post updates about life more often this year, so it isn’t just Phone Guys going up each week and nothing else, but I will also try to have comic strips or stories going up as well. I’ve got a good feeling about 38. (And having said that, I assume I will be hit by a bus before anybody reads this post.)

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