Super Sunday: Champion of Doom and K-Roy

Champion of Doom

The Greater Toronto Area is basically gone. Too many robots, monsters, and supervillains over too long a time, and the city could not last. That part of Canada now resembles a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with roving gangs and mutant troublemakers. The Champion of Doom, having proven himself among the toughest of this hellscape’s denizens, is the leader of an especially violent biker gang. Often lending his services to criminals outside of the Toronto Wasteland, for things like smuggling or human trafficking, the Champion of Doom and his servants frequently come into conflict with Justice-Man and his allies.

The idea that Toronto is destroyed by all the supervillain activity in Toronto led to its destruction was not originally part of my Junior-High-Era notes, but things like the surviving Justice-Man comic, in which young PDR wrote “an estimated 90 000 000 dollars” of damage is done to the city, kinda led me down that road. It presents some story possibilities that I think would be interesting to explore.


K-Roy was an early creation of Dr. Blade. One of only a few dozen robotic intelligences the villain created before he left the Earth altogether to found an orbital city. Before leaving the planet, K-Roy and the other intelligent machine soldiers fought against superheroes in various world conquest plots, but in space Dr. Blade’s robot army has grown sedentary. They prevent any human exploration of space, but apart from the occasional hit and run raid, they have been content to simply live in their city much like the humans do below, as ordinary civilians. K-Roy himself has made a space for himself as a philosopher and educator of other new intelligences.

K-Roy himself is not all that important a robot. He’s just one of an army of hundreds, maybe thousands, created by the mad scientist Dr. Blade. Since my goal on Super Sundays is to create sketches of characters who have not appeared elsewhere, I could not use Dr. Blade himself. He has shown up in the old Justice-Man comic, as well as one Little Choy. So, I found a robot among my notes and used him as an example of Blade’s greater army. Other Dr. Blade robots have been seen Hanging out in space and another was also a Little Choy victim.

The orbital robot city of Dr. Blade would function in stories as one of those fantastic locations that heroes have to visit from time to time. Still, as Dr. Blade gets older, he could perhaps find his desire to rule the world more urgent and he could be a significant thorn in Justice-Man’s side once more.

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