Super Sunday: New Superhero Team (part 1)

In the interests of being easy on myself during this, the busy school season, I am going to rattle off some easy superheroes for a couple weeks. Instead of thinking up new characters and ideas, I’m going to use draw sketches of characters that already exist in my notes for my Hover Head stories.

The New Superhero Team

The New Superhero Team was founded by Ms. Super Robot Rocket Girl, a former member of the Team of Superheroes. Ms. Super Robot Rocket Girl decided that the most logical reason to be a superhero is to become famous and live like celebrities. The rest of the team didn’t want to go along with that, so Ms. Super Robot Rocket Girl went off to found her own team. Here are some of the members:

Queen Stronga

Queen Stronga, the queen of Strongania, is one strong queen. Stronga is used to the finest things in live, but she is not some pampered royal. Having been ritually bathed in space steroids since she was an infant, Stronga is fully capable of punching a hole in a diamond guillotine and could easily shrug off the blast from a dozen exploding powder kegs. Long Live The Queen.

The Foggy Knight

Fogbert G. Knight starred in so many martial arts movies that he suddenly became a real martial art master. Now he has the mystical ability to melt into shadows and has a sword that can sense the blood of enemies. Foggy Knight does his own stunts.

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