French People, English People, and Voting.

Okay, this time we have some people voting in the Frenchlands. Some guy rolls up with his crew and they want to vote. That’s when the trouble starts. Later, the trouble is over, so the guy goes to Englshton, and everyone is quite impressed by the idea of a Frenchman running for office in a place where everyone thinks he talks funny. C’est la vie!

Here’s something: Apart from a tingle of familiarity over the last couple lines, I don’t recall this one from the indoctrination during my youth. Is it a newer one? The quality doesn’t seem to suggest that. Did they just not play it as much as the others? Well, it does have an awful lot of French, maybe it played more prominently in the Frenchy parts of Canada than it did here. I don’t know.

I don’t get much information from this one. Apart from being called a “lousy rebel” I don’t know the cause of the strife. I appreciate the callback to the Responsible Government Moment, and I like to commend anyone who doesn’t resort to violence to make his political point, but I just don’t get much from this spot. I give it Two out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.

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