Also, Pine Street was a pretty crappy name…

There’s this street in Winnipeg where a bunch of guys had to go to war. Three of them won the Victoria Cross, so they decided to rename the street to reflect the magnitude of heroism that had come out of there. That’s the story of Valour Road.

I have mentioned more than once that my favorite thing about these is the way they’ve been burned into the minds of my generation. Usually this means that we can utilize quotes from the commercials at nearly any situation in life. While someone MIGHT be able to find a use for “It’s Clark! I just heard he took out twenty Germans!” most of this commercial is not quotable. But it is still burned into my head. I know ever beat of this commercial like I’m watching some old action film I’ve seen a dozen times. The whole commercial is in my head and it is staying there. Apart from that we’ve got some quality war scenes here. I’ve seen actual movies that don’t look as good this minute-long commercial for a second rate country.

We do, however, sidestep the fact that these three war heroes were probably not the only kids from Pine Street who went off to war. I bet there were a dozen total dillholes from Pine Street that went to war and we just jerks about it. Valour Road thinks that it is so special, but they got jerks like everyone else, I bet.

Anyway, I’m doling out a healthy Four and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake for this Heritage Moment.

  1. Sorry Pine Street but you will never be as cool as Elm Street so you have to be renamed.

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