A Lack Of Song

I mentioned last year when I lost my MP3 player, but I don’t know if I ever told my website when I got a new one. It was during my first month of school, I think. Anyway, it pretty much broke on me back in December. It was the same brand (Coby) as my previous such device, and while that one was a freaking brick that took damage no matter what, the new one was not as good. It isn’t that I dropped or smashed it or anything, it’s just that something has come loose inside and now I have to press the headphone plug into place at all times if I want to hear anything (and even then it is generally only out of one ear). That is too much effort for too little effect when I’m walking or on the bus and trying to read, or whatever. So for several months now, I’ve had to make do without my music. It sucks. The lesson is, Coby used to make highly durable MP3 players, and now they don’t. The end.

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