Super Sunday! The Volcano Rabbit

Pedro was born into a family of established superheroes who all took animal-themed costumed identities. The Family Animalia was founded by Pedro’s grandparents and was quite successful back in the day. Pedro’s parents, aunts and uncles were the high point of this team, saving the world a handful of times, but Pedro’s generation has mostly abandoned their noble traditional vocation. Pedro’s cousins are mostly content to live off their celebrity, his sister has opted out of a dangerous action-filled life to serve as the tech support to the Team of Superheroes. Pedro alone remains an active participant in the fight against crime as the grim vigilante called: The Volcano Rabbit. Some call him obsessed, but none can deny that his fast feet and fiery fists have brought down more than their share of criminal scum.

I first conceived of this guy when I was thinking of the background of Rosita from the Hover Head stories (It is worth noting that even a character like Rosita, who has appeared in roughly two pages to date, I have put a lot of thought into. I’m obsessed with this stuff, but very slow with the output). She was once Techtudinidae, a superhero in turtle-shaped high-tech armor, and from there I got to the idea about the family of animal-themed heroes. After that it was a natural progression to make one of them based around one of my favorite species of animal. Naturally, since the universe with Hover Head is my most overtly comical superhero universe, I had to make the guy based around the cute and harmless critter a badass Batman-style guy.

  1. So is it going to be just superheroes? Or will you be doing villians too? I’d like to see you do one of these for your old character Sally “Chainsaw” McQueen. Sally was the name right? It’s been awhile.

    • My notes say “Sally” is correct. I’m not surprised, because “Sally” has always been one of my go-to names for years for some reason. There were four other women named Sally just on that one page of notes…

      Anyway, just superheroes for at least a year. After that, I may go for a year of supervillains.

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