Rarely do I want so many people to die.

I had some time between classes and didn’t feel like going home. The auditorium where my class would be held was empty, so I thought “Sit there and read” and did that. Then students started showing up and I thought “Hey, I’m not the only one here early.” But then I looked at the time and realized, these were not early students for my class, these were on-time students for the class being held in that room before mine. Whoops!

So I stuck around to see what that class was like.

That class was full of horrible, terrible students. I now have a very keen understanding of how lucky I am to be in the classes I am, because if I were in that class I would likely not still be there. In my classes I am annoyed by the small handful people who whisper long conversations or spend the whole class on Facebook or Twitter or whatever. In this class, a full-year Engineering class apparently, something close to two thirds of the class just speak in regular conversational tone, paying no attention to the lecture. And not even just the people sitting next to each other. They’d call out to other rows. Groups three or four large would gather around laptops and cellphones watching videos. If there ever was a quiet moment, some “clever” wag would find something to shout out seeking a laugh. At one point some guy stood up and just faced the back of the class for what seemed to be a full minute. So anyway, if you’re in ENGI1101 at Dal, I basically hate you.

On another topic entirely, I only just today noticed that I forgot to put of a SecGov page last Thursday. I had the page done and everything. Just forgot. Oh well.

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