I Bet It Is Set In Florida

There’s a new Dave Barry novel coming out! Learning this proves that my joining Twitter was not a mistake. Learning this proves that my spending a bunch of money and reading time on school was a mistake. I’ve been waiting forever for this it seems like.

I grew up reading Dave Barry’s column every Sunday. I watched the sitcom based on his life. And, most importantly, I read his novels Big Trouble and Tricky Business. Those things were comedy gold. I’ve read them each twice, and this is something true of very few books (Stephen King’s the Stand and George Orwell’s Animal Farm are two of the only others I can think of right now). And then it seemed like there was nothing for a long time. At least one of those novels had a movie version come out, I recall, but eventually my life got significantly less Dave Barry in it. It made me sad. But now there’s a new novel.

The new book, Insane City, of which I have only just learned and haven’t even read what it is about is officially the book I’m looking forward to most in 2013.

  1. I remember reading Animal Farm in school. I didn’t really care for it that much. I didn’t hate it but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. I prefered Lord of the Flies. It proves my thinking that children are evil. With a few exceptions like fat kids with Assmar.

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