The Unemployed PDR

Well, for the first time in the history of this website, I am not employed at the newspaper job. Last night was my last night. Today I am throwing out a bunch of work clothes. I will not miss that job, but I hope that the place is not too unkind to the people I have left behind in the time that they remain employed there (Though I don’t predict a lot of years remaining in that place).

So the question is, “now what?” I’ve got to find a way to pay rent, of course, so I’m pretty much required to start finding some sort of part time thing. I guess that as soon as these holiday things are over, I’m handing out resumes. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Anyway, I’m off school until the Seventh of January, so I’ve still got a few weeks where I will have the time to look, though ideally I’ll be able to find something quickly so I will have some time left over before classes that I can get a few things done for the site.


You have to pay rent
or you don’t deserve to live
you witless bastard.

If any rich people and/or wizards are listening, I will again put forth my assurance that I am willing to take up to half your riches. It’s easy to unburden yourself with PDR’s help! Remember that.

  1. If there are any wizards reading the comments I would like to warn you that your apprentice is totally flooding your castle with misuse of magic and cleaning instuments.

      • It’s all about the henchmen, right?

        Commented: Marq (on )
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