The story of my favorite class

Yesterday I wrote my end-of-term test for my Mythology class. It was an in-class sort of thing, not a full-blow essay, not that I know the difference. I’m pretty sure that I did quite well.

I guess this is probably the class combines doing well and enjoying it the most, so I’ll call it my favorite, though I don’t really like picking favorite things. This is strange because, as I’ve probably said elsewhere, I took this class in my failed university attempt and it was terribly boring that time around. Fortunately an improved model professor was all I needed. I still don’t like doing the essays and stuff, but the class is nice.

So far the only full-length text we’ve covered that I hadn’t already read is Bacchae, a play by Euripides. I liked it. It made me want to check out some more Euripides sometime anyway. But while reading up on the Bacchae, I looked up one of the characters, Tiresias, on the Wikipedias. There I found that he is the father Orlando from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics. Well now, why didn’t they bring that up when they assigned the Bacchae? That’s the sort of thing that’ll get my interest.

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