Eyebrow Times

Now, it isn’t my intent to start putting pictures of myself up every post or anything, but since I was once again unable to sleep this morning I figured I might as well go and get my hair cut, since I’ve wanted it done for like a month now. When the hair-cutting was finished up, the haircutter person asked it I wanted my eyebrows trimmed. I’ve never got that before. I wonder if my eyebrows are getting bigger…

Now I know that I have thick eyebrows. They’re such a dominant feature on my face that if I were to mess with them, I think I’d not recognize my own reflection. And then I would miss all the opportunities to give myself flirty winks every time I pass a window or a mirror. And I need those flirty winks, thank you very much. My eyebrows stay as they are.

Also, if I can barely be bothered to care about the rest of my facial hair, why start caring about those.

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