Crying Caused By Onion.

I was just browsing the Onion, as is my wont, and I got a message saying I’d used up my monthly allowance of five pages and that I had to subscribe to keep reading. Naturally, with this being the Onion, I assumed it was kidding, but no. Apparently non-American readers are now being expected to pay for seeing the Onion website.

Now, don’t get me wrong, as a loyal fan of the Onion for more than a decade I am willing to pay them for entertaining me. The makers of the Onion very much deserve to be paid well for entertaining us every week and I do doubt this is just some greedy whim of theirs, they probably need the additional income because they aren’t making enough off of advertising and stuff. I own six of their books (I own Our Dumb Century twice even) and have many times over the years paid for print editions of the paper, but those are things I can buy when I have the money around. I don’t plan on paying for a subscription to the website so, Onion, I’m afraid I won’t be seeing as much as you anymore. You will be missed.

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