Maple Boredom.

This one is boring. It bores me.

This time we’re looking at some Natives who are gathering maple sugar from some maple trees when some white folk come along and are all like “Wha happen?” so the Natives share their syrup secrets and the newcomers profit.

I guess there’s some stuff to like in there. There’s that one kid who totally hides behind a tree for no apparent reason. I like the one guy who is like “hoo hoo!” And there’s some doggies. And is it me or does that one woman toward the beginning totally look like she’s thinking “Oh, there’s those European people. I guess we have to explain this to them now.” That’s amusing.

There is no fun quotes in here though. And that’s the bottom line. I like maple. It’s one of my favorite flavours (even though I’ve never done the whole Syrup on Snow thing), so I’m glad to see it put on a pedestal. Nonetheless, I can only give this one Two out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.

  1. I have actually never seen this one before, but I like it. Self-sufficiency and producing stuff from nature are awesome.

  2. And yet this commercial still managed to bore me with those things. Go figure.

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