PDR Be Fastshoppin’

Well, I messed up my sleeping habits, so I am awake in the daytimes today. And so, inspired by Pete and Jeremy’s recent antics, I went to the Farmers’ Market, since I probably haven’t gone to it since I wrote that strip last year. Anyway, the trip made me realize that I am not a shopper. I’m just a buyer. By this, I mean, I don’t walk around and browse. It’s like a twenty-five minute walk to the market and then I within five minutes I had bought apples, cider, strawberries and a cupcake and left the building. It makes the whole trek there seem like wasted time. Then I have to walk back. If the stuff wasn’t so delicious, it’d hardly be worth it.

I also noticed that I am terrible at carrying many purchases in my hands at once with any amount of ease. But I pretty much already knew that. Hey Kiiip, remember that time at the Superstore when the pie slid out of the box and shattered on the floor and then I went to try to pick it up I dropped a bottle of juice and it shattered on the floor as well?

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