Klondike Be Damned, Indeed.

I don’t care what anybody else thinks, Mounties look awesome in the red outfits.

This time we’re looking at Superintendent Sam Steele, in action. He’s confronted with some American jerk comes along looking to make some quick monies in the Gold Rush and he is bringing some guns and gambling equipment into our fair nation with him. But see, Sam Steele, he’s the type of guy who does his job and does it without guns. Sam Steele uses his authority and his alliteration to get by. And by gum it works.

Aside from the line I’ve used incorrectly in the title and “Why didn’t I shoot him?” I guess there isn’t a lot of fun-to-quote lines, but hey it’s got a dapper moustachioed cop using peaceful tactics to keep his nation right. I like that. I like this one. I’m gonna go with Four and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. Meanwhile, I don’t know a single other thing about Superintendent Sam Steele. I bet Wikipedia has a page. Maybe I ought to check it out.

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