PDR’s Controversial Views: Breasts aren’t THAT amazing.

In my office at work there is a radio that used to play Alice Cooper’s show at night, but for the last year has instead played a radio show by some other musicman who I don’t even really know or care to know. I could probably get a whole post out of just complaining about how I perceive this new guy to pale in comparison to the Alice Cooper show, but instead I have a much more specific complaint that isn’t localized to that show which makes the bulk of this opening paragraph a complete waste of space.

So anyway, I was listening to this show one of the nights this week and the topic of breast feeding babies in public came up. From what I heard everyone on the show came down on the “it should be allowed” side, which is where I land too, so I agree with them. But then, as always seems to occur when the topic comes up, some guy on the show started joking about how sexy breasts being out in public would be. This, I feel, is hurting the cause and yet it seems like it comes up every time the topic does.

Okay, I fully admit that my status as a heterosexual male is “amateur” at best, but even though I mostly try to keep out of that whole scene, I also reluctantly have to admit that I am sexually attracted to women. I do genuinely think breasts are pretty great. But when they’re stripped of an erotic context, they’re just body parts. I mean I can enjoy a woman’s lips or eyes just as much and they’re on display pretty much at all times, but not in an erotic context. I’m certain plenty of people are attracted to the chests of men, right, but those can be displayed just fine in most places. Why isn’t this the same?

A big part of the argument against breastfeeding in public seems to lie in the idea that breasts are somehow purely sexual things, which is pretty stupid considering their actual primary purpose is, you know, breastfeeding. Bare breasts have no special power that will corrupt society. If anything has that power it is the mystique that is built up around nudity the bare breasts that has apparently turned men into such slavering idiots that even the sight of a breastfeeding woman seems sexual to them. We should do something about that instead.

Anyway, I figure I should cut my rant short here because I know from experience that anything more and I will just be repeating the same points in different words. And anyway, nobody will ever let the mystique of nudity fade away. Keeping everyone horny is too useful as an advertising tool.

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