Flying Times

I’ve awakened from a dream involving me and several other people I don’t think really exist going on a rescue mission to some island. I had to keep the crew in line by shooting them in the face with a pellet gun, though this left the pilot with a smoldering hatred of me, so when it came time to clean the roadkill off the plane so we could take off again he made sure I was forced to do it. It may seem strange that we had roadkill on the plane, but we actually did spend more time driving it on the ground than flying. Also I apparently smoked in the dream, but the pilot rigged up the cigarette lighter on the plane so it melted my cigarettes. Also one of the rescue team was a lesbian and the pilot made no less than three jokes about dropping her off at the isle of Lesbos. Also, for a rescue mission, I don’t remember actually rescuing anyone.

I consider this a strange dream that I had.


Namor watched the sky.
Somewhere up there was a blimp.
He plans to punch it.

Speaking of flying, if I ever happen to fall into a vat of cream of wheat and end up with Superman-style flying powers, I would find some long rigid wires and attach them to my shoulders pointing straight up. That way, when I fly, it will look like I’m on strings. I believe in messing with people.

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