This is Paco McZap

This guy is Paco McZap. He’s a lazy wizard from the Wrong Alternate Universe.

Previously on the Book of PDR:

Back in early 2009 the computer I owned was very virused-up and went and died. A tragedy to be sure, but the part that stings the most is that I had been writing a book and had none of it backed up outside of that computer. While most of the book was meant to be a collection of short stories from back in the Contains2 days it was framed by a sequence starring none other than the gentleman above.

Paco McZap was a young man who was discovered to have great potential as for magic, but as it turned out he was stupid and had a very “when am I ever going to need that” attitude towards his studies so he just became a lazy wretch who used magic to summon pizza delivery men to his tower quicker. I was quite pleased with how my attempt to tell his life story had been going so I am reluctant to try again because I don’t think I’d do it as well, but I’ve not forgotten him altogether. To prove this, I have drawn a picture of him. There you go.

  1. Hey! I like that drawing of some guy I don’t know about! I know there’s little hope for your old hard drive, but I should look into it anyway. If by some slim chance your book still exists… I don’t know how to end that sentence. The world will be a better place? More pancakes for all? Yeah.

  2. While I don’t hold much hope that we’ll ever get anything off of that drive, if we do I have other things on there too that I’d like to save. Like a txt file with a bunch of dreams I’d written down and all my pictures from New York that aren’t on Facebook. And so much more.

    But yes, the book is top priority.

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