Poor Little Kitty

I took a slightly different direction on my route home tonight and encountered a Lost Cat poster. Sitting directly across the street from this poster was a cat. My first instinct was that the cat did not look like the one on the poster, but it was dark and I thought I would get closer and try to get a look. The cat immediately ran away.

Maybe I was deluding myself, but as it ran away it kinda did seem line the one on the poster. But now I’ll never be sure. I’ve had cats come up to me and let me pick them up sometimes when I’m walking at night, but not this time. And what makes it worse is that on the rest of my journey home I saw like seven more posters about that cat and they all made me feel like I’d missed my chance. Maybe if I’d made less of a sudden movement I could have helped someone out.

Or maybe it wasn’t even the same cat.

In other news, since this past Monday my co-Whatever I Am has been on vacation. Since he does most of the work that I really, really don’t enjoy at all, his absence more than doubles my work. I suddenly find myself having to talk to people and fill out paperwork. It is not cool. And this will last until early July. This is going to be one lame month.

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