Today I watched Zombieland. I learned about the existence of Zombieland like a month ago, proving I am not up to date on what is going on in the world once again. And even then I thought to myself “Well, that movie is probably going to be passable at best” and that was that. But having actually seen it now, I can say that Zombieland is a fun and funny movie. Even with zombies being so overused these days (enough that even one such as myself can say it) I do not regret that that movie was made. Unlike the similarly-titled Zombie Nation. That movie I couldn’t even laugh at mockingly. But anyway, Zombieland gets at least Four and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.

Also, a thought that has nothing to do with Zombieland but occurred to me the other night: One advantage to driving on the wrong side of the road like the Britishmen do is that you can stage car chase (and other car-related action) scenes to travel in the left-to-right direction and maintain focus on the driver. We can’t do that here. Unless, the chase involves one of those mail trucks I see with the seat on the wrong side. Or, I suppose if the car chase is being watched in a mirror. I guess.

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