Happy Halloween Day!

Hey, guess what. It’s a little known holiday called Halloween. I love when that happens, even if I’m not doing anything to celebrate it this year, really.


The ghosts are coming.
You ask why. I will tell you:
I told them to come.

Of course, Halloween has its down side. All those kids who will end up sacrificing themselves to Satan. What a waste. They could have sacrificed themselves to me instead…

Though I work tonight, I think I’ll try to watch some Halloween-appropriate movies this weekend.

  1. Hey Pat, I remember a few years ago we had a Halloween get-together with a few people – we watched zombie movies and such. What’s Kip and Marq up to these days? We should hang out sometime.

  2. The important thing about that party was that it was in September.

    Marq is still living with me. Kip is in Ontario making video games. And yes, hanging out would be cool. I’m still here.

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