Obligatory Music Post

Hello. It is me again. Getting sick of me yet? Yeah, me too.

So, I don’t know how late I am to this party (note: not very, it seems), but there’s this guy who goes by the name Girl Talk, and he put out this album that is almost entirely samples, just bits and pieces of all kinds of different music. It’s called Feed The Animals and it sounds amazing. I mean, Jay Z rapping over Radiohead? That blew my mind, maan! And, I mean, even if it’s not your kind of thing, you really can’t deny the amount of work that went into something like this. In one interview I read, he said it took the better part of two years, mostly trial and error to get things right. That’s a long time for a project like this.

There are also some naysayers out there who, even if they do acknowledge the work involved, say that music like this is on the wane, but I’d beg to differ. Last summer, Daft Punk put out a live album that pretty much took everything they created up to that point, and mixed it all together into one sweet cacophony of house, synthpop, and rock. It’s like they really are robots, and they didn’t need to spend ten years to make three albums, but chose to in order to build up our tolerance slowly, so that our brains wouldn’t fry and we would be unable to see them taking over the world. Robots are totally awesome like that, you know.

The year before that, Cirque du Soleil put together a show based on Beatles tunes, and brought in their original producer, George Martin, and his son to mix and remaster all their old tunes into this album called “LOVE”. It was something to the extent of 130 individual songs were used to create this bed of sound, and it’s nothing short of amazing. The story they get into in the booklet makes this big deal about combining the singing of “Within You Without You” to the rhythm tracks of “Tomorrow Never Knows”, which is great and all, but I personally love the way they put in “What You’re Doing” and “The Word” to the song “Drive My Car”. I can’t sing it any other way now.

So maybe the point of it all is that because it’s becoming more mainstream these days that we’re going to lose out all the underground creators, the inspiring innovators, but more and more people are accepting this kind of music and enough “regular” producers are going to push a little bit more into this territory. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing, or that everything like this is going to sound good, but I can’t see it dying off at this point. I just can’t.

Thanks for watching!

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