Uh… Let’s see…

I guess that I am happy that I had an extra day off this weekend. Granted I will have an extra day of work this week as well, but I’ll complain about that when the time comes.

In other news, I am fairly certain that I have become a conductor for alien transmissions to be sent to the planet Planet Earth. This explains why I always make noises vocally. This is the only explanation. It is interesting to note that the aliens speak fluent English and generally don’t have anything to say beyond what I was going to say anyway. But it is still an honor to be so vital to human history.

And finally I must begrudge the fact we have so much more snow than we did at this time than last year. As a noted fan of not-snow, I will consider this my official complaint for the time being. The snow does act as a reminder that I need some new shoes, though.

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