It continues.

I do intend to get some new writing done, but I brought back a Contains2 article today because the subject matter, traveling has been on my mind of late. I wish I could do some, but I’m not. It makes me sad. I also wants to quit my job. But I’m not. It makes me sad. I’m sad.

I’ve taken to looking at want ads in the paper and on the Internets. None of the jobs appeal to me. Looking up the various charities in the city I see very few jobs that I am qualified for (ie. I don’t have the degrees and stuff), would want to do (ie. I’d have to talk to people and crap) or are in the city (apparently Montreal is in desperate need of people working with charities, though). Looking at jobs that aren’t with charities, I just get depressed about this world we have going on.

I’ve been very mopey this last while. It’s all really pathetic.

I’ll think of something tomorrow.

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