Must… Quit… Job.

Today I managed to see Grindhouse with Wade. That pretty much makes this weekend a success even if I hadn’t done things the previous day that also pleased me. I despise the fact that I must surrender to my job another of my weeks now when things were just getting good.

I have a new goal in life, but it starts with me being a multi-millionaire. From there I can build an arcade with apartments above for those I like to live in rent-free while we all work to make the world a better place. The downside is I need to be a multi-millionaire for that to work. I don’t know how to be one of those.

Anyone wanting to help me start a make-PDR-a-multimillionaire fund can take their money elsewhere though. Help the world. That just cuts out the middleman that I represent in that scenario.

At any rate, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I really don’t.

  1. Grindhouse, my new favorite movie of all time. And if any of you disagree, Don’t!

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