Words, T-shirts and Undead Computrons.

I wrote this on MSN to Kip just moments ago and didn’t want to let if fade away. So now I’m putting it here:

“And now you’re gone. Woe to this fickle atmosphere of life. Mine eyes weep for the lack of beauty they see, but my ears know all the colors of the rainbow. Ere there was a planet, the souls of the damned laughed at my misfortune and called me the Mother of All Fools.”

In other news, I ordered T-Shirts from this website recently and one of them wasn’t in stock and the guy actually called me. As awesome as it was for him to do that for some Internet customer in another country I was at work so I told him I call him back. But my depression-fuelled procrastination and forgetfulness (plus after a while I lost the number) meant I never got around to it. But then I got a package with all the shirts anyway! Thanks the guy who runs that site!

And finally, a lesson in PDR Computers that you will never need to know:

Years ago I had a computer made up of bits and pieces from other computers that had died. I called it the Frankencomputer. Around this time I started using the term Computron to refer to it.

Eventually I upgraded the thinking bits of the machine, but kept the stuff like the keyboard, mouse and monitor. I figured I was taking the brains out of a zombie and putting it into another zombie to create a SuperZombie, so that is what I called that computer. It’s official title was Computron V.

I’ve since replaced the mouse (with a SpongeBob one) and have a new(er) keyboard, I think. And this year I upgraded my computer and it became Computron X. And now, as of today or yesterday or something I have a new monitor. I described it as the Superzombie giving up the ghost, so Computron X shall be called: The Ghost.

Thus, I am cool.

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