Here is my argument against creationism: If there were no such thing as evolution, why do all the people I’ve met from a million years in the future have cool powers that we don’t?

Also, there are Yeti Crabs now. Behold.


Umbrella for sale!
It has no holes! Come get it!
Pay a hundred bucks!

Does people remember the show Megas XLR? I want it released on DVD and I want it soon. Please? I’ll be your friend.

  1. Yeti crabs, eh? I wonder how they taste.

    Of course I remember Megas XLR, that showed rocked! It must be released on dvd soon, this I command!

  2. Megas XLR had connections to MTV’s Downtown cartoon, like, the same creators and junk. I wish both shows would be released … and junk.

  3. I take it that the “Yeti Crabs” were instally created recently? From the POWERS of evolution?

    Wait, does evolution have powers, and if so why hasn’t it destroyed creationism? Or better yet, HACK THE PLANET!

  4. Evolution is too cool to even acknowledge creationism. Evolution also wears sunglasses.

  5. That’s too bad ’cause I always hang out with the losers. I just it’s me and creationism to the end.

    ..sigh..hack the planet…

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