Computron X

I am now, officially, on my new computer. It is cool. It took some time to transfer all necessary files from my old computer to this one, but I am now done with all that and I can prepare to start enjoying this computer. Hooray.


Bake a birthday cake!
It’s someone’s birthday somewhere.
That’s reason enough.

In other news, there was a great big school shooting over in Montreal. Now, apart from whatever tragedy is inherent in such an event, the shooter was wearing a black trenchcoat. Why do they always do that? They’re giving trenchcoats a bad name that I don’t appreciate. If any of you intend to go on a gun rampage, wear a friggin’ yellow raincoat or something, dammit.

And it’s close to time for me to start getting ready for work. I hate that. I’m so going to look into playing the lottery.

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