What the chunks is gclef? I did the crossword puzzle in the newspaper at work yesterday and it all adds up but five across…

GCLEF? Honestly?

Needless to say, I’ve a few cross words for this puzzle. Ahhh. Good job, me. Anyway, the newspaper that reveals the answers of this one is probably just finished coming off the presses right now. But I don’t work tomorrow, so I’ll not likely see it. Ah well. Every other answer seems right…

In other news, I think I overheard that there’s an election tomorrow. I don’t care mostly, but last time there was an election they set up in the lobby of my building and totally got in my way and stuff. I was inconvenienced for entire seconds. Why, if I were a true man I would have flown into a rage and killed someone. That’s what men do these days.

  1. Dude, a gclef is like a clef in the g … spot. The gclef is precisely where you rock it. I also heard from a bum that gclef is just another musical clef like bass and treble; apparently a conductor uses it, but I don’t believe bums.

    Also, this is your only warning about your impending death by the hands of an unknown greek god, Zeuses Christ I think his name is…

  2. PS The bum was definitely wrong about the conductor bit … I can’t believed he lied to me like that – must have been catholic.

  3. Whoa, so gclef isn’t incomprehensible gibberosh? I’ll have to cancel that hitman. Or at least redirect him to whack a bum. That’s always fun.

    And Zeuses Christ’s name is enough to make me willing to die.

  4. the G cleff is actually the treble cleff. it got it’s name because it is centered on the G line of the staff.

  5. Treble is one of my favorite music-related words, you know.

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