Surrounded By Danger Announcement

Say there, partner. Do you remember the time that Jason Dante and Gladys Blue were surrounded by supervillains and fought their way out? Or do you remember when the employees of Adam’s Extra-Fancy Honey Shop were surrounded by a bunch of Beekeepers and had a rooftop conflict? No? Nobody remembers that? Well, that doesn’t matter. PDR remembers.

For a couple years now I’ve had a back-burner project where I was making a board game. Over the past two months, that project has moved to the front burner, so I figured I should make an actual announcement on this website o’ mine.

Surrounded By Danger, as it is now known, is a co-operative game in which you portray Adam Obianu, Gladys Blue, Jason Dante, and their friends in situations where they are surrounded by enemies and have to fight their way to success. I’m gonna be stingy with details for now, but I have done playtesting and so far things are going well.

More to come in the future.

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