The Rocket Racer’s Ride Is Just Beginning

I like the Rocket Racer.

It’s true. There’s a character in the Marvel Universe named the Rocket Racer, aka Robert Farrell. He’s a skateboard-using super-criminal who sometimes is a good guy. Nobody who knows me would be surprised to learn I like a character like the Rocket Racer. He’s obscure and kind of goofy and has been badly misused. In a way he’s a perfect example of a type of character I am drawn to in a shared superhero universe.

As it stands right now, nobody much cares about the Rocket Racer, but I see a lot of potential there. With that in mind, I intend to add to my usual Superman Thoughts posts this year by doing a handful of Rocket Racer Thoughts posts, and maybe even do more than that in the long run.

But here’s a quick summary of what I will be getting at:

  • Rocket Racer doesn’t want to be a criminal, he wants to be a Robin Hood figure.
  • Simultaneously, he is a self-hating sellout.
  • Rocket Racer is too old and could probably be replaced.
  • Rocket Racer is probably aromantic or asexual.
  • Rocket Racer should probably go to war against the Avengers.

Anyway, that’s just a taste. Much more to come.

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