Super Sunday: The Universes

Okay, so I’m done with the Supernatural Sundays year, and I did a few fill-in things to bring us to the actual end of December. That should make it easier to actually make my annual themes actually last a year. So next week we start the next theme.

This week, I expand on the list of alternate universe begun two years ago. It turns out that four alternate Earths was nowhere near enough to contain me, so I’m going to use the color-scheme names to assign a bunch more for future use.

Universe White

As previously discussed, this is a world with a bunch of superheroes. So far that’s the main thing about it. I consider it to be a more “fun” superhero setting than others below.

Universe Green

This is a world where the things we consider science fiction have been coming true since the late 1800s, so the technology of the 2000s is so advanced that it is like a space opera setting. There are human colonies all over the galaxy and they are in communication with aliens and stuff.

Universe Orange

This is another superhero-packed universe, home especially to all the ones I invented in junior high. There are,if anything, too many superheroes here. I’m rolling with the concept that society has been fundamentally changed by that fact, and there would be much to explore.

Universe Red

This is a dark universe full of cyberpunk dystopias and vampire attacks. It is an Earth on the edge of ruin and still going forward.

Universe Bronze

This is an absurdly broken universe, home to the Hover Head and Space Army comics on this site. Hopefully I shall be revisiting it soon.

Universe Blue

This Earth is the setting for the Secret Government Robots comic and related concepts. This is, for the moment, the Main PDR Universe.

Universe Grey

This is a universe where demons and devils are actively working on acquiring human souls all the time. It’s full of horror stories and bad days.

Universe Purple

This universe is torn to pieces by a whole bunch of time-travelling assholes. History here is constantly being re-written.

Universe Silver

This is the universe where the Space Gods called the Astrolympians hold sway. So far, that is literally the only thing this universe has going on.

Universe Brown

This is an Earth where humanity has had access to magic since way back, so the entire layout is vastly different, but they also still have cars and planes and such. As I described it before, it is a “Shotguns and Sorcery” setting.

And I must reiterate that this is not every universe that has come up in Super Sunday either. For example, the Earth ravaged by the Frankensteingularity would be a separate universe. As would the fantasy world from which the Efmon family and the Old Sage originate. I think it is clear that my original estimation that I could “populate at least four Superhero Universes with characters” has been proven. At this point, I wonder if I even need to bother pumping out some characters on a different alternate Earth every week…

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