Super Sunday: R and Eddie Legit


Anybody who can provide specific details about the creation of the artificial intelligence called only “R” is dead. What we can tell is that that R wants nothing more than to wipe out all biological life forms on the planet Earth. It seems, simply, to find them gross. Perhaps disgust is an emotion unexpected in a being otherwise operating on pure logic, but it remains. Existing as a computer intelligence, R would seem perfectly capable of avoiding living things. But no. The knowledge that we’re out there, living, it creeps R out. R needs us to be dead.

R has managed to keep its method of creating robotic bodies a secret, but routinely a new one will pop up somewhere, attempting to kill as much as possible before the inevitable arrival of the superheroes who may destroy it, but only temporarily.

When I was young and just ripping off Marvel characters for inspiration, this was my Ultron rip-off. I can only hope that my attempt (created just now) to make the robot’s desire to wipe out all living things an act of revulsion is at least somewhat less played out than ominicidal robots usually are.

Eddie Legit

The gods of old are dead. Gone is the time when a god of war would take a stake in a human conflict or a god of love would select an ideal couple. But a new force stands in the place. Eddie Legit is that new force.

If the gods of myth thought of humanity as slaves or playthings, Eddie Legit is worse. Eddie Legit doesn’t even have a pantheon of other gods to reign him in. Standing alone as, perhaps, the most powerful entity in the world, Eddie Legit has no reason to not be a total dick.

A “god of dickishness” can gain a bit of a following in a world without hope, and that’s what has happened. Eddie Legit has become something of a hero to swarms of oppressed people who admire his self-serving attitude. And this is exactly why Raid Force Zero intends to bring down Eddie Legit and prove that being a dick is not the way to improve the world.

I had no idea where to go when I drew Eddie Legit. I looked at him and I was like “who is this guy?” I detected a bit of a Mxyzptlk vibe, so I thought he could be an all-powerful trickster type. Then I decided, less of a trickster, more of a total ass. And then I made him an opponent of the most “grim” set of heroes I created last year. I admit, I kinda like how it turned out.

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