Okay here we go.

As mentioned in my posts to Twitter, I’ve had something of a troubled couple weeks comptuer-wise. My previous laptop took up the habit of melting the plastic tips of any plugs that I’d put into it (possibly caused by dirt in the plug port thing, but definitely exacerbated by the melted plastic that wound up in there as a result). I’m unable to get the plastic out on my own, so I’m left unable to charge the laptop. I had time enough to transfer files to my external hard drive with the charge that remained, so I haven’t lost anything but time (and the money I’ll have to fork out when I do get it repaired).

Thanks to the generosity of my mother, I’ve got a replacement laptop up and running. With this being the middle of final essay/exam season, I’ve had other things to work on, so I’m behind on SecGov Robots and things, but I’ll remedy that by just finishing the current story all in one week. That should get things back on track.

  1. All those SecGov characters stuck in the elevator. Little do they realize one of them is actually the Devil.

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