Why School Bugs Me, Another Reason

The Assignment: An essay, one thousand words long.
Comment Written on Paper by Marker: “Both your paper and your conclusion are too short (1000 word).”
Wordcount According to my Word Processing Software: 1143 (not counting title and “works cited” page)
My Reaction: “Well, at least my concerns about going over the limit were unfounded.”

Seriously, it’s nice to know that all the work I put in to trim my paper down so that it was only 143 words over the limit actively worked against my mark. I just wish I’d had that “track changes” thing active so I could check and see how much I trimmed specifically from the conclusion.

  1. But it is my host of irritating contradictions that makes me so endearing! Right? …right? …anybody?

    • School, you should consider checking your self, before your self becomes wrecked.

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