The Story of My Second Year Classes.

I haven’t really been saying much these days because it has been enough work just to keep up with the comics I do on here. Between school and work, I just feel like I haven’t had a lot of time. Here’s some stuff about how I’m feeling in school these days:

This semester I have a class on pulp literature, a creative writing class, a class about comics and cartoons, and a geography class.

As far as actual assignments are concerned, I feel like there has been fewer of them than by this point and that they’ve been easier. Maybe I’m just imagining that, but on the whole, I really do feel that I’m having an easier time with that part of things. Part of that could be that the Pulp Fiction class is a non-writing requirement version of a class, so most of the essay writing in there is done in tutorials rather than as take-home, week-long homework deals. And also, I took the geography class specifically because I thought it looked like it might provide a break from all the writing and it probably is serving that purpose. Now, I only say that the assignments are easier. I have far more reading to do this year than last. I am mostly keeping up thanks to my penchant for picking classes in which I’ve already read some of the material.

Also, I must have gotten lucky as far as professors are concerned during my first year because I have a couple this year that I just don’t like. They’re failing to engage me even a little even on topics that I am absolutely interested in. The fact that a full 50% of the my professors at the moment haven’t got my interest may have something to do with why I’m finding school more tiring this year. Still, it’s effing November already somehow, so this semester is practically over. This will change again before I know it.

Apart from that, things continue on as usual. Probably I should try to have more to say on here, but I can’t make any promises.

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