The Work Wind-up

Okay, the times continue to be changing for PDR.

This is the last full week of me doing the job I want to quit. After this it’ll just be two nights a week while I am in school. I am, as I have said before, disappointed in myself for sticking around those two nights a week, since I want to get out of there so badly, but I really, really do need the money*. And. who knows, maybe having something familiar on the weekends will help keep me from losing myself in the all the change? I guess. Is that an upside?

To help me with that I’ve got a new roommate. It’s another case of me taking in someone I don’t know, but I think it’ll work out better than last time. He’s already managed to pay me for the first month, which comes to more money than the previous one gave me at all. I can afford some food today! (I can, but I should probably still save it for food another day…)

Anyway, to sum up, I start school next week. Weird.


  1. Good to hear you have someone who knows their role and pays you what you are due. I hope you broke the last roomies kneecaps to set an example.

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