Why woo?

I can think of no scenario where being in a crowd of people who are shouting “Woooooooo!”, as they are want to do, would be appealing to me. The very sound of people shouting “Wooooooo!” makes me hate the crowd in question.

And yet, people shouting “Woohoo!” I could probably get behind.

  1. People should only shout Woo when they are watching a John Woo movie or are wooing someone.

      • I’ll second this. This is a perfectly reasonable set of rules to me.

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  2. See, I like “Woo!” It’s simple and fairly effortless.

    • Well, shouting “Woo!” isn’t as bad as shouting “Woooooooo!”, but to many occurrences of hearing the latter has ruined even the former for me. Of course, in actuality this is just another reason for me to avoid crowds of people altogether.

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