Jan 1900: Groundwork Laid for Marqville

Hello everybody! It’s me, Marq, and I guess it’s that time again to take over Pat’s website. Of course, the last time I did it was over three years ago, and I don’t even live with the guy anymore, but I’m sure it’ll be fun, for both you the (three) readers of this online buffoonery, and hopefully for me as well. I must once again point out the fact that it has been quite some time since I did any real “blogging” (guh, I dislike that word), but I’m TOTALLY going to give it a go for my totally rad ex-roommate.

(By the way, I did not mean to have an all-caps “totally” in there, but I was all-caps-ing in another program and failed to remove the Caps Lock before typing here again. But I like it, so it’s staying.)

Let’s see: that photograph there, it was taken today, something else I have totally been not doing in amounts that probably add up in year lengths. It was taken with an Olympus D-250 Zoom, a 2.0 megapixel camera from nine years ago. Manipulating images such as that and the super spiffy banner up there has taken place on a seven-year-old Cisnet packaged computer, a device that is quickly becoming slower due to years of defragging neglect. And I was totally listening to music on the Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager, my favourite electronic brick that was discontinued three months after purchasing it in October 2006. (Of course, that last one was a complete and utter lie: I was listening to music off my desktop the whole time. I just like bringing up my LifeDrive.)

I guess my point is: I’s kinda poor, kinda like Pat, and I’m not so up-to-date with the whole technology as some people are. Except I must also point out the hundred dollar cordless headphones in that pixellated picture that you may or may not be able to make out. Let me tell you, those were an essential buy if there ever was one.

Last time I took over this website, I had the luxury of time (which I totally squandered). This time, though, not so much. I think I have a week…? I’m not exactly sure when Pat’s coming back. He’s probably home in time for next week’s comics update, since there isn’t any additional future-dated stuff going on in the WordPress. Anyway, I guess I plan on writing something new for each day that I can–something that Pat’s been pretty good at doing lately as well. I’m going to keep that trend going. (*crosses fingers*)

Totally seriously,

P.S., I will be unable to comment on the arrival of any small animals in the (old) apartment this time around. I have my own obnoxious critter running around. I also hope I don’t forget anybody’s birthday this time around…

P.P.S., after researching titles for posts, I started typing this up and accidentally left SimCity 2000 running in the background. It’s currently 1975 and everybody’s left town. Taxes must have been too high. I’m seriously in the red now.

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