Fantastic Four Handbook in September

Here’s something PDR did a little work on:

FF: 50 Fantastic Years #1

Written by VARIOUS
Select Character Artwork by GUS VAZQUEZ Cover by PATRICK SCHERBERGER

Celebrating 50 years of Marvel’s First Family This issue spotlights a Future Foundation bio, an update on the Fantastic Four and an entry on the FF’s various headquarters! Plus: FF Allies (Artie Maddicks! Alex Power! Roberta the robot receptionist!), FF enemies (Dreadface! Dr. Sun! Mister Miracle!), extraterrestrials (Shalla Bal! Ovoids! De’Lila the Skrull!) and a sampling of the odd beings the FF has encountered (Karisma! Chupacabra! Cauldron!). Featuring original Gus Vazquez art for the majority of profiles!
64 PGS./Handbook/Rated T+ …$4.99 In Stores: Sep 28, 2011

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