PDR’s Controversial Views: Here’s why I think we should get rid of transvestites

I just don’t understand crossdressing. More specifically, I can’t understand why certain clothes would be assigned to certain genders. Why are dresses supposed to be just for women? It seems pretty arbitrary to me.

I guess I’m lucky that my preferred outfit, jeans and a t-shirt, is pretty much standard dude fare and that I am a dude. Thus my outfit lines up with my gender. But what if a dude wants to wear a dress? What if that is what he feels better wearing? Why do people think that’s weird? I can think of no logical reason for it. Except for maybe undergarments that actually conform to the shape of the bits they cover, clothes serves its purpose regardless of which gender it is on, right?

It is nice that for most of a century now women in men’s clothes has pretty much become accepted, but the other way around is still generally ridiculed just because of these rules that are ingrained into society for no good reason.

Anyway, since I apparently assume the Internet is some kind of voting device, I am hereby voting for the erasing of any stigmas that are still involved with crossdressing. Of course doing so would probably kind of ruin it for any people out there who get a thrill out of the “naughtiness” of dressing in clothes that aren’t “supposed” to go with their gender, but I’m sure they’ll figure out something to replace it with. My vote is for the people who just want to dress in what they like.

  1. I agree people should be able tow ear whatever they want without being judged.To support your views I’m going to go around naked whenever possible to show my support.

  2. Yes and with shows of support like that my controversial beliefs will soon take over the world.

  3. Kurt Cobain wore dresses, and I think his thoughts behind it were pretty much in line with your thoughts on the subject, only, you know, twenty years earlier.

    Flea (and other Chili Peppers, I’m sure) also wore dresses at times, but, um, I think that guy is just plain weird.

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