A Fortune In Fun!

Today Marq and I ate fortune cookies. Here is what they said to us:

Fortune Cookie #1, to PDR: “An influential figure will make mention of you in a positive light.”

Fortune Cookie #2, to Marq: “Keep your idealism practical.”

Fortune Cookie #3, to PDR: “Your talents will be recognized and rewarded.”

Fortune Cookie #4, to Marq: “You will find good fortune in love.”

Fortune Cookie #5, to PDR: “A letter of great importance may reach you any day now.”

Fortune Cookie #6, to Marq: “Enjoy the lighter things in life and deeper joys will follow.”

The moral: “Fortune Cookies are bull.”

  1. I ate a bunch more both times I woke up before you did and I have them somewhere and one of them repeated and another was a repeat of one of yours and the last one said “Fortune Cookie says” and that’s my entire story.

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